Video live Performances

VeeJaying is a broad designation for realtime visual performance. Characteristics of VeeJaying are the creation or manipulation of imagery in realtime through technological mediation and for an audience, in synchronization to music. VeeJaying often takes place at events such as concerts, nightclubs, music festivals and sometimes in combination with other performative arts.

One of the key elements in the practice of VeeJaying is the realtime mix of content from a "library of media", my personal media library that I have been accumulating for years, along with animations and loops than I created in Flash and Premiere, counts thousands of videos which for obvious reasons I can not show on this web site.


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My Vjing passion in my case borned at home as hobbie and becomes Real in the April 2010, when after several events, I became the Vj Resident of Cubic_club Salamanca, where I presented my visuals performance every Friday and Saturday throughout the summer of 2010.

And that Summer I had the Amazing experience and the great luck to serve as supporting to big DJs, Great Artists with incredible the electronic music backgrounds, from Panorama Bar in Berlin, Ministry of Sound in London or Goa of Madrid.


ludo graphic design

During my stay in Italy I had the opportunity to perform in some festivals nearby city of Florence, Kavawave & BPM Both outdoor festival in the beautiful scenery of the "Chianti", in the heart of Tuscany.

Unfortunately due to lack of time and the direction taken by my career,I had to leave aside my passion, for the moment, I still perform in House Parties sometimes and I'm even loking for clubs where I could Vjing on weekends.