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Hello, I’m Ludo...

…a front end developer and web designer with a keen eye for illustrations. I started LGD to bring personalised, creative and digital solutions to individuals and businesses alike. My approach is to listen to my clients’ motto so I can channel their ideas into communicative and recognisable branding tools.

I’ve over ten years’ experience working with developers and creative teams for international agencies, and I’m fluent in programme languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. My practice also involves drawing illustrations, by hand and digitally, as my work is at the crosspoint between the visual arts and the science of programming. You can find more about my training here.

The wealth of my portfolio shows that I’m adaptable. I’ve worked for companies like Groupon and UPS, as well as with the health industry, and individuals such as writers and the owners of independent businesses. If you’d like to work with me, you can find more information about my services here.